Emil Nolde
Berglandschaft (blau und grün). Watercolour on Japan paper. 35.2 × 46.8 cm


Emil Nolde

On the occasion of Zurich Art Weekend

Fr, 09.06.2023 –
Fr, 23.06.2023

Villa Grisebach Auktionen AG
Bahnhofstrasse 14
8001 Zurich


9 to 23 June 2023
10am to 6pm / Please book visit in advance

Thursday, 8 June 2023, 5pm to 8pm

T +41 44 212 8888

In cooperation with Galerie Utermann


About the exhibition

Unmistakable in both its delicacy and colour intensity – the work of Emil Nolde, born in 1867 in Northern Germany, is undoubtedly one of the most influential and significant of German Expressionism.

Grisebach is delighted to present outstanding watercolours and paintings by the artist in cooperation with Galerie Utermann on the occasion of Zurich Art Weekend. For Emil Nolde, it marks a return to the Swiss mountains that fascinated him so much – he had already spent a few years as a young drawing teacher at the Museum of Industry and Trade in St. Gallen in 1892. His passion for untouched nature and overwhelming mountain landscapes was to have a lasting influence on his oeuvre.

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Akte, zwei Frauen blass (vor dunklem Grund mit Blumen). 1938–45. Watercolour on paper. 22.4 × 18.6 cm

Hülltoft (violett, gelb, hellblau). 1932. Watercolour on paper. 34 × 46 cm

Junge Frau. Ca. 1950/51. Watercolour on paper. 45.6 × 36.2 cm

Berglandschaft (blau und grün). Watercolour on Japan paper. 35.2 × 46.8 cm

Haus auf einem Berg. 1938–45. Watercolour on paper. 17.3 × 23.5 cm

Mann und Frau (Profil en face). 1921. Oil on canvas. 57 × 70.5 cm

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