Contemporary Online Only, May 2021
Nobert Bisky. "Vorreiter I“. 2001. Oil on canvas. 65 × 90.5 cm. EUR 20,000–30,000

Timed Auction

Contemporary Online Only, May 2021

Fr, 07.05.2021 –
Mo, 24.05.2021



About the auction

Among the highlights of this Contemporary Online Sale are paintings by Norbert Schwontkowski and Katharina Grosse, works on paper by Marlene Dumas and Arnulf Rainer, sculptures by Niki de Saint Phalle and Thomas Lenk and prints by Günther Förg and Neo Rauch. 

We are especially delighted about the cooperation BERLIN MASTERS Foundation x Grisebach. The proceeds from the sale of Henning Strassburger´s “DAYDREAMS FOR LOOSERS” will benefit the work of the non-profit BERLIN MASTERS Foundation who support Berlin based artists. BERLIN MASTERS is an exhibition, network and promotional platform and annually awards the TOY BERLIN MASTERS Award – worth 10,000 Euros – and the BERLIN MASTERS SCHLIEMANN RESIDENCY Award.

FAQs: What does Online Only mean?



Lot 2276

Norbert Schwontkowski

Purple Haze. 2008. Oil on canvas. 110 × 90 cm. Sold for EUR 132,500 (incl. premium)

Lot 2228

Norbert Bisky

"Vorreiter I“. 2001. Oil on canvas. 65 × 90.5 cm. Sold for EUR 44,375 (incl. premium)

Lot 2268

Richard Pettibone

Andy Warhols Campbell`s Soup Can (Cream of Mushroom). 1987. Acrylic and silkscreen on canvas. 17 × 13 cm. Sold for EUR 15,000 (incl. premium)

Lot 2248

Katharina Grosse

Untitled. 1994. Acrylic on canvas. 21 × 47 cm. Sold for EUR 26,875 (incl. premium)

Lot 2275

Niki de Saint Phalle

Nana. 1991. Wood, lacquered. 223 x 310 x 3.2 cm. Sold for EUR 25,000 (incl. premium)

Lot 2238

Peter Dreher

„DAS GLAS VOR SCHWARZ, ZU DREI VIERTELN MIT EINER MISCHUNG AUS 1 TEIL PERNOD ZU 5 TEILEN WASSER GEFÜLLT“. 1978. Oil on cardboard. 21.5 x 15.7 cm. Sold for EUR 7,000 (incl. premium)

Lot 2279

Henning Strassburger

”DAYDREAMS FOR LOOSERS”. 2015. Oil, acrylic and charcoal on canvas. 184.5 x 240.5 cm. Sold for EUR 16,250 (incl. premium)