Eddy Novarro  – Artist Portraits
Eddy Novarro. Joseph Beuys.


Eddy Novarro – Artist Portraits

We, 06.04.2022 –
Fr, 06.05.2022

Bilker Strasse 4-6
40213 Dusseldorf


From 6 April to 6 May 2022, Grisebach Düsseldorf will be presenting portraits of famous artists by photographer Eddy Novarro. Portraits of Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Man Ray, Alexander Calder, Hannah Höch, Joseph Beuys and many other well-known people from the art world will be shown.

Bilker Strasse 4-6, 40213 Düsseldorf, Tel. +49 211 8629 2199

Exhibition visits by appointment only

Anne Ganteführer-Trier
Benny Höhne

Eddy Novarro (born Vasile Novaru) was probably born in Bucharest in 1925. He began his photographic career in the 1950s as a press photographer. His first subjects were actors, heads of state and, above all, artists. Novarro's photographs were first exhibited in Madrid in 1960. Under the title "Kaleidoscope of Modernity - Chagall, Miró, Picasso and the Avant-garde", the portraits were juxtaposed with works of art that had been given and dedicated to Novarro by the respective artist in gratitude for the portrait. The dates of origin of the portraits have only survived in a few cases.


Selected Artist Portraits

Jean Dewasne

Joseph Beuys

René Magritte

Gino Severini

Hans Hartung

Hannah Höch