Grisebach Window Project


Grisebach Window Project

Alexander Iskin, Gerd Rohling, Sarah Illenberger, Elvira Bach

Mo, 01.02.2021 –
Su, 28.03.2021

Fasanenstrasse 27
10719 Berlin

We are pleased to present the "Grisebach Window Project" starting February 1st. As an oversized canvas, the window of the Grisebach premises at Fasanenstrasse 27, Berlin will be transformed into an alternative art space and used by different artists every two weeks. The project is intended to generate additional visibility for the artists during lockdown. But it also invites all passers-by and city dwellers to experience, discover and see art quite unexpectedly.

The young Berlin artist Alexander Iskin will start with "Fenster von hinten" and his "interrealistic" formations (1 – 14 February), followed by Gerd Rohling and "Born on february 19, 1899"(15 – 28 February) and the artists Sarah Illenberger (1 – 14 March) and Elvira Bach (15 – 28 March), who will paint the window panes.

The project is curated by Anna Ballestrem.


Sarah Illenberger, “Mimosen“

Project 3
1 through 14 March 2021

Sarah Illenberger transforms the window at Fasanenstrasse 27 into a surreal fitness studio, bringing nature indoors. She reinterprets found objects and materials into poetic object installations. This results in a treadmill made of moss, weights made of stones, a boxing glove made of mimosa, a tree trunk as a punching bag. As so often in her work, it is about the decontextualization of everyday objects and the associated magic of life.


About the artist

Sarah Illenberger is a Berlin-based artist, illustrator and designer. Her visual language is defined by giving common things a new meaning. She creates installations using various materials and techniques, which are then photographed or presented in public places. Her work appears in books, magazines, digital media and window displays. She also produces limited editions and design objects.


Gerd Rohling, "Born on February 19, 1899"

Project 2
15 through 28 February 2021

For Lucio Fontana's birthday on 19 February, Gerd Rohling has a particularly fitting gift ready for his great colleague. This "Geburtstagsambiente" (birthday ambience) can be seen from 15 February in the window of Fasanenstrasse 27 - motto: More light, more clarity, more future! Come by, celebrate with us and join in with a "Happy Birthday"!


About the artist

Gerd Rohling
born 1946 in Krefeld.  

Alive since then!

Alexander Iskin, “Fenster von hinten”

Project 1
1 through 14 February 2021

"Live-Performance" daily 5 – 6 p.m., call the artist at 01631901968 in order to actively take part.

"Viewer and art are separated by the glass pane of a window. Every day between 5 and 6 p.m. Alexander Iskin will be present behind the window. Passers-by and visitors can talk to the artist via phones and actively influence the exhibition. 

Two new works from the latest series of works will be juxtaposed: the variable sculpture Konversativ Komplex and an Iconic Turn Painting. The interaction between the artist and the viewer and the viewer-controlled alteration of the artworks creates a great freedom that goes beyond a purely passive perception.

Conversative in the sculpture Konversativ Komplex stands for the conversation between artist and viewer – complex for the variety of design possibilities. The sculpture hangs in the window and consists of individual modules that can be assembled in different ways. Each module can be connected to another module by hidden magnets, so that a new sculpture is created again and again by different compositions. The outer wall of each module is printed with a fragment from a painting by Iskin, so that through the different assemblies not only a new sculpture is created again and again, but also a new three-dimensional painting in each case.

With his Iconic Turn Painting, Iskin gives painting a quality that is actually reserved for sculpture – multiple perspectives. Iconic Turn Paintings consist of a square painting whose frame is mounted on a rotating mechanism so that it can be turned. In the painting process, Iskin works the canvas from all sides – each perspective must be able to function upside down, tilted on its side, or rotate diagonally on its axis, always producing a coherent image. An infinite number of perspectives are possible, which visitors can determine by letting Iskin turn and stop the painting piece by piece and continuously."

About the artist


Alexander Iskin´s paintings, sculptures, and performative and literary art form a multimedia narrative. The Berlin-based artist chose painting as his "mother tongue". In his works, he deals with the interrelation between digital and analogue realities. With interrealism, he has proclaimed an art movement of his own. For years, he has been creating new interrealistic formations in spaces he calls interreality. He sees himself not only as a representative of a new trend in art, but also as an advocate of an interrealist view of the world. According to Iskin, it is not just him working on this new world, but many others too. Some just don't know it yet.