Bernd Schultz Collection

“A Farewell and a New Beginning“

to benefit an “ExilMuseum“ in Berlin

Auctions 25 / 26 October 2018



Auction 294

Old Masters and 19th Century. 25 October, 2 p.m.

Auction 295

Paul Holz – 30 Drawings. 25 October, 4 p.m.

Auction 296

Modern and Contemporary Art. 26 October, 2 p.m.

The human face is the guiding light of the Grisebach founder’s collection of works on paper, to be sold at auction to benefit his long-wished-for goal.
It is the people within the images which have always fascinated Bernd Schultz, stoked his curiosity and which will continue to inspire him; their thoughts, life experiences and most secret passions. The whole spectrum of human life gazes out at us from the works in the collection. From the confident, striking features and life lines on paper, the foundations of a tremendous vision take shape thanks to this auction: the establishment of an ExilMuseum in Berlin to commemorate the displaced persons of history. For this purpose, Bernd Schultz presents his collection of drawings which has been assembled over six decades with true passion.
The collection of almost 400 works covers a wide range, from the Gothic period into the present day. Watteau and Warhol, Menzel and Baselitz, Corinth and Picasso are represented. Oskar Kokoschka’s twitchy lines from the early 20th century segue into an unsentimental portrait by Max Beckmann and the existentialism of Käthe Kollwitz. The confident draughtsmanship of contemporary artists like Bruce Nauman adds further to the sumptuous depth of the collection.
Just as the lines of a drawing provide insight into the mind of the artist, bright minds of today have written about these works – personally, passionately and poetically. Their texts express the conscious farewell of the collector and provide a powerful surge for success in this new project.


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Contact: Dr. Stefan Körner

Highlights from the Collection

Oskar Kokoschka. „Selbstbildnis“. 1920. Chalk on yellowish transfer paper. Estimate EUR 200,000–300,000

Henri Matisse. „La Persane“. 1929. Pencil on paper. Estimate EUR 200,000–300,000

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol. „Hand with ink pen“. Circa 1953. Pen and India ink and pencil on paper (from a sketch book). Estimate EUR 15,000–20,000

Otto Freundlich. Petite Composition. Circa 1937. Tempera on wood. Estimate EUR 20,000–30,000

Edgar Degas. Cavalier. 1866/73. Pencil on brownish paper, laid down on paper. Estimate EUR 90,000–120,000

Pablo Picasso. Page d'album - „Études“. 1904. Pen and India ink, washed grey in places, on paper. Estimate EUR 90,000–120,000

Käthe Kollwitz. „Abschied“. 1910. Charcoal and pencil on laid paper. Estimate EUR 200,000–300,000

Adolph Menzel. Blumenpflückende Frauen („Statt der Vorrede“). Circa 1848. Watercolour on brown cardboard. Estimate EUR 40,000–60,000

Martin Drolling. Der Sohn des Künstlers, lesend. Circa 1800. Red chalk and pencil on laid paper. Estimate EUR 10,000–15,000

Antoine Watteau. „Étude de jeune homme assis, la jambe droite et la main levées“. Red chalk on thin laid paper. Estimate EUR 70,000–90,000

Lovis Corinth. Vase mit Blumen. 1925. Watercolour on heavy wove paper. EUR 100,000–150,000

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. „Snobisme ou Chez Larue“. 1897. Oil on brown cardboard. Estimate EUR 250,000–350,000

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