Hans Schmitz. Untitled (Seated male figure). Circa 1925. Clay, unkilned. 24.5 × 21 × 18 cm. EUR 1,000–1,500

Sander Collection Online Only

27 August – 12 September 2021

Timed Auction

About the auction

Sander Collection Online Only!

Bid from 27 August through 12 September on works from the Sander Collection, whose origins go back to the famous photographer August Sander (1876-1964). Following the huge success of our special "Sander Collection" auction in June 2021, we now present to you further works from the Cologne Progressives such as Heinrich Hoerle, Franz Wilhelm Seiwert and Gerd Arntz.

Bid on iconic prints by Gerd Arntz with his unmistakably typifying motifs, on works closely related to the political upheavals of the 1920s, on poetic miniature drawings by Gottfried Brockmann, or on expressionist prints by Otto Freundlich. 

Find and start bidding on your favourite work from the Sander Collection!

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Selected results

Lot 1334

Ludwig Egidius Ronig

Self-portrait with pipe. 1926. Oil on canvas. Strip-lined. Sold for 16,875 EUR (incl. premium)

Lot 1282

Gerd Arntz

”Baustelle”. 1926. Woodcut on Japan paper. Sold for 2,875 EUR (incl. premium)

Lot 1320

Heinrich Hoerle

”Krüppel”. Circa 1925. Linocut on brown paper. Sold for 1,187 EUR (incl. premium)

Lot 1341

Hans Schmitz

Untitled (Seated male figure). Circa 1925. Clay, unkilned. Sold for 2,000 EUR (incl. premium)

Lot 1355

Augustin Tschinkel

Emigrant / Strike / Strike. 1927/72 / 1932/72. Linocut on Ingres laid paper, and 2 linocuts, each on laid paper. Sold for 1,062 EUR (incl. premium)

Lot 1346

Franz Wilhelm Seiwert

”Arbeitergruppe”. 1923. Pencil on paper. Sold for 3,750 EUR (incl. premium)

Lot 1321

Heinrich Hoerle

”Frauenkopf (Trude Alex?)”. 1932. Lithograph on thin yellowish paper. Sold for 1,187 EUR (incl. premium)