Bernd Koberling. Untitled. 1992. Gouache, opaque white and chalk on wove paper. 106.7 × 75.5 cm. EUR 1,000–1,500

Third Floor Online Only

19 – 28 August 2022

Timed Auction

About the auction

From abstract to figurative, from 1910 to 2018, we offer 162 works of art in our Online Only August auction.

Particularly impressive is Gerhard Hoehme´s type collage from 1960, which he once sent as a New Year's greeting. Just four years earlier, Hannah Höch created her beautiful and playful aquarelle "Sonne und Wunderbäume“

From Albrecht Schnider we offer three small landscape paintings, which were created during his DAAD stay in Berlin in 1999 and invite the viewer on a quiet journey across mellow hills.

Three views of Venice have found their way into our current auction: In Dietz Edzard´s work, some colourful carnival folk gather on St. Mark's Square; in Wilhelm Kohlhoff's work, the viewer gazes from the water at the sunny lagoon city; while Carl-Heinz Kliemann shows us a melancholy, rainy view of Venice.

In this colourful offer of international and local artists, of sculptures, paintings, prints and drawings, there will certainly be something to discover for every art lover.


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Selected highlights

Gerhard Richter

“Mao“. 1968. Collotype print on paper. 84 × 59.4 cm. EUR 3,000

Gerhard Hoehme

Untitled. 1960. Opaque white, chalk and coloured pencil in red over collage on a double sheet of paper. 32 × 27 cm (foldet out: 32 × 54 cm). EUR 3,000

Rune Mields

“B 24”. 1971. Oil on canvas . 149.8 × 120.2 cm. EUR 2,500–3,000

Bernd Koberling

Untitled. 1992. Gouache, opaque white and chalk on wove paper. 106.7 × 75.5 cm. EUR 1,000–1,500

Hannah Höch

“Sonne und Wunderbäume“. Circa 1956. Watercolour, India ink, pen and India ink and opaque white on paper, on support cardboard mounted. 17.6 × 24.4 cm. EUR 2,000–3,000

Dietz Edzard

Karneval in Venedig. Oil on canvas. 35 × 27.2 cm. EUR 2,000–3,000

Olav Christopher Jenssen

“Berlin 11 Mars 1996“. 1996. 6 watercolours, each on wove paper. Each 25 × 17.5 cm. EUR 2,000–3,000

Imi Knoebel

From: "Rot Gelb Blau". 1979/1993. 3 colour silkscreens, each on cardboard. Each 93 × 65 cm. EUR 2,000–3,000

C.O. Paeffgen

“l'amour“. 1988. Oil on panel. 65 × 63.2 cm. EUR 2,000–3,000

Albrecht Schnider

“Landschaft“. 1999. Oil on canvas. 24 × 32.7 cm. EUR 3,000

Dorothy Iannone

I lift my lamp besides the golden door. 1977. Colour silkscreen on paper. 83.7 × 59.6 cm. EUR 900–1,200

Ernst Wilhelm Nay

“Steinfiguren”. 1949. Colour lithograph on paper. 38.4 × 46.5 cm (45.5 × 60.3 cm). EUR 1,200–1,500

Harald Metzkes

"Er hebt sie auf den Schimmel". 2004. Oil on canvas. 45.5 × 50 cm. EUR 2,000–3,000