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Philipp Otto Runge

Wolgast 1777 – 1810 Hamburg

Silhouette paper cut. White laid paper. 25,5 × 9,3 cm. (10 × 3 ⅝ in.) Catalogue raisonné: Richter 148 (plate 24). Slight foxing.  [3018]

ProvenanceCollection of the Hamburg artist family Speckter (directly from Philipp Otto Runge)

Addendum/ErratumIn order to preserve the silhouettes as a collective, we provide the opportunity to purchase them in two convolutes. Convolute 1 contains lot numbers 136-142, Convolute 2 contains lot numbers 143-149.
Lots 136-142 will first be called individually. The knockdowns will be made with reservation. Afterwards, Convolute 1 will be offered as lot number 142a. The starting price is determined by the sum of the hammer prices previously achieved or the sum of the limits of the individual lots. If the Convolute is bid for, the hammer prices of the individual lots shall be cancelled and the highest bidder of the Convolute shall be given priority. If the lot is not bid for, the surcharges of the individual lots will take effect. The same procedure follows for Convolute 2 as lot number 149a, (lots 143-149).

EUR 20.000 – 30.000
USD 21,700 – 32,600


Auction 349Thursday, 1 June 2023
02:00 PM

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Literature and IllustrationHarald Eggebrecht: Philipp Otto Runge. Scherenschnitte. Munich, Schirmer/Mosel, 2010, p. 28, ill. p. 29

Read the accompanying text by Anna Ahrens on Philipp Otto Runge's silhouettes here.

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