Important information for bidders

Please note that, as of January 1st, 2014, the turnover tax regulations applying to works of art have changed. As of this date, the full rate of turnover tax (19%) must be applied to the sales price of all works of art, whatever their nature. This change will affect all lots coded with an “R” in the catalogue (standard taxation).

Grisebach has modified its settlement procedures for works of art that have been consigned for auction from a country outside the Community territory of the European Union. The affected lots are those whose lot number includes an “N”. For these works, Grisebach will charge 7% of the hammer price to cover the turnover tax it has paid in advance at the time of import; this will be in addition to the buyer’s premium (e.g. 32% of the hammer price for hammer price amounts up to EUR 500,000). Turnover tax is already included in these cases and will not be itemized separately (taxation of the difference between the purchase and selling price pursuant to Section 25a of the German Umsatzsteuergesetz).

If this is the first time you wish to bid at a Grisebach auction, you will need to provide certain supplemental documentation along with the completed registration form for first-time bidders.

Private individuals

We will require a copy of your personal identity card or of some comparable document proving your identity, as well as proof of your current residential address (where this is not included in the ID document).

Companies, corporations, foundations, and other legal entities

We will require a document showing that the company or other entity you represent has been officially registered (e.g. an excerpt from the commercial register). In addition, we will need a document that proves your authority to so represent it. If you wish to settle accounts subject to standard taxation, with the invoice itemizing the amount of turnover tax, please be sure to inform us accordingly when you first register as a bidder. We are unable to correct invoices retroactively!

Persons bidding on behalf of third parties

Besides the registration documentation for your client (private individual, or company or other entity as defined above), we will also need a document proving your identity and a written power of attorney from your client.

Please understand that, as a matter of principle, we are unable to accept third-party payments for your purchases. Due to statutory requirements, we may accept payments exclusively from the buyer. If you are a first-time bidder or intend to significantly expand your previous bidding activity, Grisebach may ask to verify your credit worthiness and request a banking reference or bank account statement from you, or may ask you to provide some other suitable form of guarantee for payment. We may ask that such guarantee for payment amount to up to 20% of your expected bidding volume. Please familiarize yourself with the Grisebach Conditions of Sale, since these will become legally binding for you once you register as a bidder. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via T +49 30 885915 0 or email