19th Century Art

In comparison to other auction houses, Grisebach’s department of 19th century art stands out due to its careful focus and we can claim the most successful bidding rate in this field by some measure. Our aim is to present a compact survey of the 19th century in our catalogues, in which we strive to select works that bear witness to the modernity and vitality of the period’s various artistic movements. We have two substantive areas of focus: the art of the Romantic period with a special emphasis on the Dresden School on the one hand, and the diverse art of the German Fin de Siècle on the other. The oil study in particular is a recurring focus. Created directly from nature, these works often retain a greater vigor and immediacy than studio works, and they have a strong impact on viewers even today. Thanks to our strict quality criteria and the particular modernity of oil studies, Grisebach has been able to appeal increasingly to a younger generation of collectors through our auctions of 19th century works.

Florian Illies

Dr. Anna Ahrens

Frida-Marie Grigull

Highlights Auction October 2018

From our auction on 25 October 2018, 6 p.m.


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Ludwig Passini

Anna Passini auf dem Balkon des Palazzo Priuli in Venedig. Circa 1866

Watercolour on paper, laid down on cardboard. Estimate EUR 50,000–70,000

Adolf Senff

Zwei Mädchenbildnisse (Kopf von vorn und Kopf nach rechts). 1833

Each oil on canvas. Estimate EUR 35,000–45,000

Albert Emil Kirchner

Blick über einen Hinterhof auf San Marco in Venedig

Oil on canvas. Estimate EUR 10,000–15,000

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot. Bouquet d‘arbres, effet de crépuscule. Circa 1845/50. Oil on canvas. Estimate EUR 40,000–60,000

Richard Wilson. Die Villa des Maecenas in Tivoli mit Ausblick auf Rom (Studie). (Before) 1752. Oil on canvas. Estimate EUR 6,000–8,000

Jakob Philipp Hackert. „Blick auf die Kirchen S. Agnese fuori le mura und S. Constanza in Rom“. 1783. Oil on canvas. Estimate EUR 50,000–70,000

Gustave Courbet. „La Grève“. 1865. Oil on canvas. Relined. Estimate EUR 180,000–240,000

Paul Meyerheim. Liegender Löwe. (Before) 1909. Oil on canvas. Estimate EUR 8,000–12,000

Carl Blechen. Erinnerung an Amalfi. 1835. Oil on paper (from a sketch book). Estimate EUR 25,000–35,000

Franz Skarbina. Pariserin (Studie). 1885. Oil on cardboard. Estimate EUR 4,000–6,000

Wilhelm Leibl. „Bauernmädchen am Fenster“. 1899. Charcoal on paper. Estimate EUR 25,000–35,000