ORANGERIE Selected Objects


Dr. Stefan Körner

Special auction bauhaus forever!

Sneak peek 10 April to 11 May, 2019
Grisebach, Fasanenstrasse 27, 10719  Berlin

The Bauhaus turns 100 – and Grisebach’s ORANGERIE is joining in the celebration! We will present an exhibition culminating in an auction of select Bauhaus objects. Featured will be design prototypes, paintings, photography and graphic works as well as precious rare books. Not so much as a retrospective but more in a spirit of curiosity and enjoyment, we will also be highlighting some of the individuals who, surprisingly enough, functioned as art-historical forerunners, contemporaries, and successors of the “Bauhaus” concept.



Main Focus

The auction “ORANGERIE Selected Objects” displays, much like an actual orangery, the finest objects from across the world. There is no limit to epoch, genre, or medium of the artwork. The atmospheric objects have a conversational quality and their special arrangement encourages the formation of taste. They range from antiquities to autographs from the pens of luminaries. Outstanding works of European applied art, such as furniture by David Roentgen, stand alongside Asiatica.
While encouraging collectors to indulge in aesthetic crossover, the ORANGERIE also displays entire collections such as the legendary Rohde-Hinze Collection of Old Masters 2015 and the Bernd Schultz Collection of hand drawings 2018, which has been sold to benefit the  “Exilmuseum“ in Berlin.



Auction and Consignments

Our next auction takes place on 30 May 2019. We provide valuations for your art – confidentially, non-binding, and free of charge. Please send us a reproduction of the artwork by either post or email, including details such as the medium, date, and size (unframed). You may also use the estimate request form. Please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone – we are always at your disposal.

From our auction “bauhaus forever!“

Berlin, 30 May 2019

Naum Slutzky. Tea and coffee set for Anna Sophie und Fritz Block. 1927. Estimate EUR 180,000-240,000

Paul Klee. “Ein Genius serviert ein kleines Frühstück“. 1920. Estimate EUR 30,000–40,000

Wilhelm Wagenfeld. Glass desk lamp – MT9. 1923/24. Staatliches Bauhaus Weimar. Estimate EUR 100,000–150,000

Wassily Kandinsky. “Gitterkreise“. 1931. Estimate EUR 70,000-90,000

László Moholy-Nagy. Untitled. 1925/26. Vintage. Unique work. 24,1 × 18,2 cm. Estimate EUR 70,000–90,000

Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack. Untitled (Figur in geometrischen Flächen). Circa 1923. Tempera on canvas. 85 × 60 cm. Estimate EUR 25,000–35,000

Marianne Brandt. Ashtray – MT 36. 1924. Estimate EUR 40,000–60,000

Josef Zotti. Pair of globe lights from the Vienna Café Museum. 1929/30. Estimate EUR 25,000–30,000

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. MR 20. 1927. Müller Metallwerkstätten Berlin. Estimate EUR 18,000–20,000

Henry van de Velde. Bloemenwerf chair. 1894/95. Estimate EUR 12,000–15,000

Josef Hartwig. Chess set – model XVI. 1924/25. Estimate EUR 12,000–15,000

László Moholy-Nagy. Konstruktion I („Komposition K 4“). 1923. Estimate EUR 18,000–24,000

Alma Siedhoff-Buscher. Toy cubes. Circa 1923. Estimate EUR 4,000–6,000

Marcel Breuer. B 3 – so-called “Wassily club chair“. 1925 / realised in 1930/32. Estimate EUR 8,000–10,000

Lyonel Feininger. Bauhaus Laternen-Fest. 1922. Estimate EUR 3,000-4,000