Third Floor

Our “Third Floor” auction format has delighted our clients since 1987.  Between 85 and 90 percent of the approximately 600 lots with estimated values of up to EUR 3,000 that are offered for auction each year in this format find new owners.  The bidders include collectors who have dedicated their entire lives to the work of a single artist as well as spontaneous visitors, who are pleasantly surprised to learn that a print by David Hockney or Cindy Sherman will not break the bank, or that a seemingly small bid placed full of hope and longing on a small pen-and-ink sketch by Alexej Jawlensky just might win.  In our Third Floor catalogue, we often indulge in the pleasure of presenting novel works by unknown or forgotten artists that we have encountered unexpectedly and in which we take delight.  In many cases, the buyers and sellers in these auctions will be collectors of new art.  This auction format has benefited from the burgeoning gallery scene, not just in Berlin but across Germany as well.  Artists who have established a firm presence in contemporary exhibitions or international art fairs but remain unknown by the auction market are often offered and sold at auction for the first time in our Third Floor catalogue.  Our success in this area is the consequence of our ability to reach the young art scene and its collectors.  The Third Floor catalogue is for explorers and long-time collectors alike; for our clients, it is an exciting complement to the high-priced catalogues. We could call it the dot on the “I” of Grisebach. 



Friederike Valentien

Julia Sagasser

Silke Bräuer

Alexandra Galindo Garcia

Auction Results Spring 2018

Post auction sale: Works not sold at auction may be purchased at the reserve price for a period of two months – until end of July 2018 – during the post auction sale. These works are displayed in the catalogue view with the selection Post auction sale. By selecting All lots, you will be able to display all results. 



Erich Büttner

“Sonniger Strand, Heringsdorf“. 1921

Sold for 4,750 EUR (incl. premium)

August Gaul

Käuzchen. 1915

Sold for 6,875 EUR (incl. premium)

Walter Dexel

“Mappe 2, Köpfe“. 1930-33/1968

Sold for 4,750 EUR (incl. premium)

Franz Heckendorf. Spaziergänger am See. 1931. Sold for 3,125 EUR (incl. premium)

Maurice de Vlaminck. Jeune Fille se coiffant. 1906/57. Sold for 2,500 EUR (incl. premium)

Heinrich Hübner. “Morgensonne“. Circa 1918. Sold for 2,500 EUR (incl. premium)

Hans Jaenisch. Reiter. Sold for 1,375 EUR (incl. premium)

Joseph Beuys. “Rettet den Wald“. 1972. Sold for 750 EUR (incl. premium)

Imi Knoebel. From: Rot, Gelb, Blau, Weiß. 1994. Sold for 2,875 EUR (incl. premium)

Katharina Grosse. Untitled. 2011. Sold for 3,750 EUR (incl. premium)

Karl Fred Dahmen. “Ohne Titel“. 1958. Sold for 3,000 EUR (incl. premium)

We are looking forward to your consignments!

Our next auction takes place 1 December 2018. We appraise your art – confidentially, non-binding, and free of charge. Please send us a reproduction of the art work either by mail or email, including details on the medium, date, and size (unframed), which are important for the appraisal, as well as any other relevant information. You may as well use the estimate request. Please do not hesitate to contact us.