Appraisal of your Art

Our expert appraisals of individual art works, complete collections and estates are confidential and free of charge. You may decide whether you would like to offer your works for auction following such an appraisal.

There are several different ways to obtain the advice of our experts: you may submit a written appraisal request (by mail, fax or email) including a reproduction of the art work and information on technique, year and size. The more detailed information you are able to provide, the more precise the appraisal will be.

You may also schedule an appointment with our experts to bring your work of art to Grisebach for personal examination, which will allow us to obtain a better impression of the work. If you would like to have your collection appraised, our specialists or one of our representatives will be happy to visit your home. We can also provide you with relevant information over the telephone, which can expedite appraisal of your work of art. Please note that appraisals are binding only after our inspection of the original work.


Estimate Request