Berliner Sparkasse Collection

Sarah Miltenberger, our specialist for Contemporary Art, about the Collection

2nd December will mean another high point for Grisebach’s anniversary auctions, when we look forward to offering select works by prominent contemporary artists. Drawn from Berliner Sparkasse’s multi-faceted collection from the 1990s, these top-notch works are a reflection of one of Berlin’s most exciting historical periods: the city’s re-unification after the fall of the Iron Curtain and the spirit of new beginnings that was part of it. The artworks will be presented as part of a special catalogue and shown in their own preview.

Among the auctions’ highlights: Seven early works by Neo Rauch – a collection within the collection that is characterized by the artist’s typically enigmatic and mystical pictorial language (between EUR 40,000–120,000); Maria Lassnig’s Hände from 1989, a significant work by one of the leading female artists of the present day (EUR 180,000–240,000); one of Christo’s oversized colour collages Wrapped Reichstag (Project for Berlin) from 1994 (EUR 300,000–400,000); Markus Lüpertz’ opulent painterly gesture Traube from 1971 (EUR 100,000–150,000); as well as a pair of two abstracted landscapes by Per Kirkeby: Søm-Sommer from 1988 and Die Zeit nagt I from 1992 – paintings whose shapes essentially are defined by their colouration (EUR 120,000–150,000 and EUR 150,000–200,000, respectively). An additional highlight of the auctions is a striking, large-scale work on paper by the American artist Christopher Wool from 1989, which vividly exemplifies his non-finito technique (EUR 300,000–400,000). The auction proceeds will be donated to several Berlin-based social welfare organizations that benefit from the support of Berliner Sparkasse as one of the city’s leading charitable donors.  

All in all, Grisebach will be offering more than 50 artworks this December as part of an exclusive catalogue. Sixty-eight additional works are to be sold at auction in the first half of 2022 as part of an online only auction, also by Grisebach.

The special preview in Berlin will take place from 12th to 18th November 2021, at Fasanenstrasse 25 and 27.

Selected highlights

from the auction on 2 December 2021

Maria Lassnig

Hände. 1989. Oil on canvas. 145 × 205 cm. EUR 180,000–240,000


“Wrapped Reichstag (Project for Berlin)”. 1994. 2-part: collage on paper and coloured chalk on paper. Each in original plexiglass frame. 38 × 165 cm and 106.6 × 165 cm. EUR 300,000–400,000

Per Kirkeby

“Die Zeit nagt I”. 1992. Oil on canvas. 200 × 130 cm. EUR 150,000–200,000

Neo Rauch

Hände. 1993. Oil and shellac on paper, collaged, on canvas. 145.5 × 123 cm EUR 100,000–150,000

Christopher Wool

Untitled (D 64). 1998. Alkyd on rice paper. 167 × 120 cm. EUR 300,000–400,000

Markus Lüpertz

Weintraube. 1971. Distemper on canvas. 200 × 200 cm. EUR 100,000–150,000