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William Henry Fox Talbot

Melbury 1800 – 1877 Lacock Abbey

Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire. 1844

Salzpapier-Kontaktabzug, bearbeitet von Harold White. 15,5 × 20,5 cm (18,6 × 22,6 cm). (6 ⅛ × 8 ⅛ in. (7 ⅜ × 8 ⅞ in.)) Rückseitig von Harold White mit schwarzer Tinte monogrammiert: „I. HW.“. Von weiteren Händen mit Bleistift und schwarzer Tinte datiert, betitelt und beziffert: „LA 15“. Werkverzeichnis: Schaaf 74.  [2005]

EUR 5.000 – 7.000
USD 5,490 – 7,690

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7.500 EUR (inkl. Aufgeld)

Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire

Auktion 311Mittwoch, den 27. November 2019, 18.00 Uhr

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Literatur und AbbildungWilliam Henry Fox Talbot: The Pencil of Nature. London 1844 (Reprint New York 1969), T. XV / Ausst.-Kat.: Huellas de Luz. El Arte y los Experimentos de William Henry Fox Talbot. Madrid, el Palacio de Veázquez, 2001, S. 245 / Ausst.-Kat.: William Henry Fox Talbot and the Birth of Photography. New York City, The International Center of Photography; San Diego, The Museum of Photographic Arts, 2002/03, S. 77 (dort datiert: before September 1844, possibly May 1840)

“One of a series of views representig the Author's country seat in Wiltshire. It is a religious structure of great antiquity, erected early in the thirtheenth century, many parts of which are still remaining in excellent preservation.
This plate gives a distant view of the Abbey, which is seen reflected in the waters of the river Avon. The spectator is looking to the North West.
The tower which occupices the South-eastern corner of the building is believed to be of Queen Elisabeth's time, but the lower portion of it is much older, and coeval with the first foundation of the abbey.
In my first account of “The Art of Photogenic Drawing“, read to the Royal Society in January, 1839, I mentioned this building as being the first “that was ever yet known to have drawn its own picture“.
It was in the summer of 1835 that these curious self-representations were first obtained. Their size was very small: indeed, they were but miniatures, though very distinct: and the shortest time of making them was nine or ten minutes.“
(zitiert nach: Op. cit. (London 1844 (Reprint New York 1969), T. XV))

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