Consignments welcome!

We look forward to your consignments for the upcoming spring auctions 2016 in Berlin. Please contact our specialists for Art of the 19th Century, Modern and Contemporary Art, Third Floor, Photography  and Orangerie.

Exhibition in Düsseldorf

As part of the Photo Weekend Düsseldorf, Grisebach will host a double exhibition in its Düsseldorf showroom: “In and/or out“. On show will be works by Michael Wolf and Seiichi Furuya. Exhibition from 13 February through 1 April 2016, opening Friday, 12 February 2016, 6 pm.

From our spring auctions 2016

Otto Mueller. „Zwei Mädchen mit gegabeltem Baum“.Circa 1916. Auction Selected Works, 2 June 2016

Kazuo Shiraga. KINKO. Bunt wie Herbstblätter. 1991. Auction Contemporary Art, 3 June 2016

Eduardo Chillida. „Óxido 61“. 1981. Auction Selected Works, 2 June 2016

George Grosz. „Drinnen und Draußen“. 1925. Auction Selected Works, 2 June 2016

Fidus. „Frei nach Diefenbach“. Circa 1894. Auction 19th Century Art, 1 June 2016

Peter Beard. „Large Tusker c. 150 lbs. in Tsavo north mr. Block 33 + i thumba Hill“. 1965. Auction Photography, 1 June 2016

Abraham and David Roentgen. Zylinderbureau. 1770/75. Auction ORANGERIE - Selected Objects, 2 June 2016