Third Floor Online Only



The next Third Floor Online Only Auction runs from 24 February through 5 March 2023


Main Focus

True to the motto "only that which changes remains“, we are pleased to be offering our "Third Floor“ selections in ONLINE ONLY auctions via our website since 2020. Every six to eight weeks the lots are presented for a period of 10 days. The highest bidder is awarded the lot at the end of auction.

The "Third Floor“ is, and always has been, a place for explorers. Since 1987 it has been a meeting place where both passionate collectors and spontaneous enthusiasts have been pleasantly surprised to find prints by David Hockney or Cindy Sherman that are not beyond their budget, and where hopeful bids placed on a small pen-and-ink sketch by Alexej Jawlensky just might win. In our Third Floor catalogue, we often indulge in the pleasure of presenting novel works by unknown or forgotten artists that we find fascinating. Often the buyers and sellers in these auctions are collectors of new art.

The first Online Only auction at Grisebach, which took place from the 19th of June to the 5th of July 2020, can already report spectacularly high bidding rates. Out of 120 works offered, 108 were sold – that means 90% of the lots.

FAQs: What does Online Only mean?

Auction and Consignments

We appraise your art – confidentially, non-binding, and free of charge. Please send us a reproduction of the artwork by either post or email, including details such as the medium, date, and size (unframed). You may also use the estimate request form. Please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone – we are always at your disposal.

Selected results

from our Online Only Auction on 8 January 2023

Lot 1647

Otto Antoine

Kolonnaden von Schloss Sanssouci, Potsdam. Oil on canvas. 51.3 × 65.9 cm. Sold for 3,750 EUR (incl. premium)

Lot 1770

Georg Karl Pfahler

Untitled. 1971. Wood, lacquered. 60 × 60 × 10 cm. Sold for 4,250 EUR (incl. premium)

Lot 1730

Christopher Lehmpfuhl

“Am Rosengarten”. 2006. Oil on canvas. 50.2 × 70.5 cm. Sold for 4,125 EUR (incl. premium)

Lot 1692

Otto Heinrich

Berlin in the rain. Circa 1920. Oil and gouache on canvas. 38.2 × 45.5 cm. Sold for 1,750 EUR (incl. premium)

Lot 1690

Josef Hegenbarth

“Pfau und Geflügel”. Circa 1940. Distemper and sand on paper. 36.6 × 49 cm. Sold for 2,375 EUR (incl. premium)

Lot 1765

A.R. Penck

Hunting. 1991. Colour silkscreen on wove paper. 86 × 122.1 cm. Sold for 2,750 EUR (incl. premium)

Lot 1745


Head. Watercolour on paper. 33.4 × 25.8 cm. Sold for 3,500 EUR (incl. premium)

Lot 1798

Cornelia Schleime

From: “Rituale”. 1995. India ink on grey paper. 49.8 × 69.9 cm. Sold for 2,500 EUR (incl. premium)

Lot 1682

Katharina Grosse

“o.T.”. 2018. Ditone print on paper. 45 × 25.8 cm. Sold for 1,875 EUR (incl. premium)

Lot 1750

Joan Miró

“Chemin de Ronde II”. 1966. Colour etching and aquatint on Rives wove paper. 34.8 × 26.4 cm (56.8 × 44.8 cm). Sold for 4,250 EUR (incl. premium)

Lot 1663

Max Ernst

“Forêt et Soleil - Der Bretterwald”. 1956. Photo-colour lithograph on Arches wove paper. 55.1 × 45 cm (65.4 × 47.8 cm). Sold for 2,000 EUR (incl. premium)

Lot 1775

Otto Piene

Now or never. 1990. Colour silkscreen on paper. 66.9 × 96 cm. Sold for 1,875 EUR (incl. premium)

Lot 1676

August Gaul

“Eilender Bär auf vier Beinen”. 1914. Bronze, with dark brown patina, mounted on a marble base. Hight (with base): 7 cm. Sold for 4,250 EUR (incl. premium)

Lot 1646

Josef Albers

“KG”. 1966. Colour silkscreen on wove paper. 28 × 28.1 cm (43.3 × 43.2 cm). Sold for 4,875 EUR (incl. premium)

Lot 1670

Rainer Fetting

“Sonnenblumen”. 1992. Colour silkscreen on wove paper. 122 × 86 cm. Sold for 1,625 EUR (incl. premium)

Lot 1744

Helmut Märksch

Boats. Oil on masonite. 75.2 × 110.1 cm. Sold for 1,875 EUR (incl. premium)

Lot 1641

Franz Ackermann

“Untitled (mental map: from Berlin to L.A. to Sydney to Canberra)”. 1998. Gouache and pencil on paper. 13 × 18.7 cm. Sold for 2,000 EUR (incl. premium)