Carl Schuch. Totenschädel mit Rosen. 1878/79. Oil on canvas. 37.5 × 31 cm. Sold for 62,500 EUR (incl. premium)

Auction 328

19th Century Art

9 June 2021, 3pm

Fasanenstrasse 27
10719 Berlin

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With our auction we once again express the modernity and vitality of the fascinating 19th century!

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from our auction on 9 June 2021

Lot 171

Wilhelm Leibl

“Mädchenkopf (genannt ,Leibls Resi‘ oder auch ,Die Malresl‘)”. 1897. Oil on panel. Sold for 162,500 EUR (incl. premium)

Lot 164

Adolph Menzel

Early morning on the night express train. 1877. Mixed media on cardboard. Sold for 206,250 EUR (incl. premium)

Lot 160

Carl Friedrich Heinrich Werner

The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. 1879. Watercolour over pencil on fine cardboard. 45.8 × 62.3 cm. Sold for 52,500 EUR (incl. premium)

Lot 161

Eugen Bracht

“Templerschloß”. 1915. Oil on canvas. 122 × 175.5 cm. Sold for 187,500 EUR (incl. premium)

Lot 172

Carl Schuch

Skull with roses. 1878/79. Oil on canvas. 37.5 × 31 cm. Sold for 62,500 EUR (incl. premium)

Lot 120

August Kopisch

The blue grotto. 1848. Oil on cardboard. 25.5 × 33.6 cm. Sold for 47,500 EUR (incl. premium)

Lot 149

Adolph Menzel

The people of “Flötenkonzert”. 1852. Pen on brownish paper. Sold for 43,750 EUR (incl. premium)

Lot 126

Friedrich Nerly

“Venezia”. 1865. Watercolour and body colour over pencil on paper, laid down on light cardboard. Sold for 15,000 EUR (incl. premium)

Lot 151

Adolph Menzel

Open pit mine in Königshütte. 1872. Pencil on paper. Sold for 50,000 EUR (incl. premium)

Lot 187

Walter Leistikow

Seashore. Gouache on paper, laid down on cardboard. 49.3 × 64.4 cm. Sold for 24,375 EUR (incl. premium)