Terms & Conditions of Consignment

Once we have appraised your artworks in their original form, we will send you an auction agreement setting out our auction terms & conditions.

We will be happy to explain and discuss the appraisal as well as the reserve prices that we have suggested, and to address any questions you may have or provide further clarification.



We will then present your artworks to our 47,000 customers all over the world, optimize your chances of a successful sale, and organize the auction. If your work is sold, Grisebach will receive a commission as expressly agreed in our agreement with you.


Catalogue photography costs

In order to showcase your works of art to optimal effect, we will have them professionally photographed in true-to-life fashion for presentation in our catalogue and on our website. The auction agreement will clearly state your share of the corresponding costs.


Transport and insurance

You can rely on our experience when it comes to the professional shipping and proper storage of your valuable objects in a manner suited to the object involved. We will insure your artwork from the time it is collected at your premises until the time it is handed over to the buyer, and also while it is in our custody at our premises.


Artist’s re-sale right (droit de suite)

This is a statutorily mandated royalty that the seller of an artwork must pay to the copyright holder, i.e. to the creator of the artwork, pursuant to Section 26 of the Urhebergesetz (UrhG, German Copyright Act). Grisebach will release you from the obligation to pay this royalty and will remit it to the copyright holders or their authorized representatives. In return, Grisebach will charge you a lump-sum fee of 1.5% of the hammer price, which amount is capped at EUR 12,500. The royalty arrangement, as well, will be expressly provided for in the auction agreement that you conclude with us.


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