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ORANGERIE Selected Objects


Special Auction

In the curated ORANGERIE auction on 28 November 2019 things are getting wild this Autumn: The offer ranges from antiquity to Contemporary. A variety of species and state leaders amuse and polarize in Design, Photography and Fine Art.

Main Focus

The auction “ORANGERIE Selected Objects” displays, much like an actual orangery, the finest objects from across the world. There is no limit to epoch, genre, or medium of the artwork. The atmospheric objects have a conversational quality and their special arrangement encourages the formation of taste. They range from antiquities to autographs from the pens of luminaries. Outstanding works of European applied art, stand alongside Asiatica.

Auction and Consignments

Our next auction takes place 28 November 2019. We provide valuations for your art – confidentially, non-binding, and free of charge. Please send us a reproduction of the artwork by either post or email, including details such as the medium, date, and size (unframed). You may also use the estimate request form. Please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone – we are always at your disposal.



Aus unserer Herbstauktion 2019

GROSSE TIERE – von animalisch bis politisch, 28. November 2019

Lot 326

Andy Warhol

“Queen Margarethe II of Denmark – from the series: Reigning Queens“. 1985. Colour silkscreen – printed at George C. P. Mulder, Amsterdam. 99 × 80 cm . Estimate EUR 22,000–24,000

Lot 358b

Arthur Storch

Lion. 1921. Porcelain. 60 × 60 × 30 cm. Estimate EUR 24,000–26,000

Lot 321

Frank Thiel

“Die Alliierten“. 1994. 12-part installation made out of 4 triptych, C-Prints, Diasec, 2000/2001. Large photos each 217.5 × 174 cm. Estimate EUR 90,000–120,000

Lot 356

Meissen Porcelain: Pugs with puppy after the models by Johann Joachim Kaendler. 1749 / moulding circa 1750/55. Porcelain, overglaze painting. Estimate EUR 50,000–70,000

Lot 360

Court jeweller Moritz Elimeyer

“Casolette: ein Ei, enthaltend Henne, Krone und Ring“ from the collection of King Farouk I. of Egypt. 1886. Estimate EUR 10,000–12,000

Lot 302

Emil Nolde

“Liegende Löwin“. Circa 1923/24. Watercolour on Japan paper. 34.5 × 47.2 cm. Estimate EUR 30,000-40,000

Lot 332

Rolf Nesch

Small wooden horse on wheels. Circa 1930. Limewood, carved. Height: 23 cm. Estimate EUR 8,000–12,000

Lot 351

Richard Müller

Prometheus at Caucasus. 1921. Oil on canvas. 145 × 122 cm. Estimate EUR 40,000–60,000

Lot 322

Circle of Nicolaes Berchem: Portrait of a cow. After 1650. Oil on canvas. 90 × 70 cm. Estimate EUR 10,000–12,000

Lot 328

Court jeweller Sy & Wagner

A bracelet with a portrait of Frederick in a redout costume, a present from Frederick the Great. 1763 / 1863. Estimate EUR 40,000–60,000

Lot 363

Meret Oppenheim

“Traccia“ – Side table from the Ultramobile collection. 1971. Bronze cast, gilt; wood, gilt – manufacturer: Simon Gavina SpA, Milan. 75 × 68 × 53 cm. Estimate EUR 4,000–6,000

Lot 373

West African, people of the Bamana (Mali): Kono Mask - Elephant. Wood, carved; tar; string; feathers. 103 cm. Estimate EUR 12,000–15,000

Lot 336

Chris Levine

„Lightness of Being – Crystal Edition“. 2018. 3 Colour Silkscreen-Print with Swarovski crystals on Somerset Satin White 410gsm paper. 38 x 30 cm. Estimate EUR 12,000–15,000

Lot 338

Joana Vasconcelos

„O Desejado“. 2007. Faience, glazed, chrochet. 25 x 125 x 55 cm. Estimate EUR 30,000–40,000