Provenance Research

The provenance of an artwork is of the utmost importance; in recent years, this aspect has gained in significance. Researching the prior owners of a work, following along the various trails of data, interpreting the information obtained, and bringing together all the insights gained in order to obtain as complete a picture as possible – this is an essential part of what we do when we process a work of art entrusted to us.

At Grisebach, the self-employed provenance researcher Isabel von Klitzing teams up with our staff members Stefan Pucks and Dr. Nadine Bauer in uncovering the history of the artworks. All of them bring their academic training and expertise, many years of experience, and an excellent network in the field of provenance research to the table.

In many cases involving a claim by prior owners to title to a piece of art, we were able to broker an amicable settlement between the current owners and the claimants, and successfully sold the artwork in question subsequently.

Regardless of whether or not you are considering a sale, we will be happy to research the history of your artworks!