We Appraise Your Art

Our expert appraisals of individual artworks, not to mention entire collections and estates, are confidential and free of charge.

Once you have received our appraisal, you are the one to decide whether to consign your artworks to auction or not. Our appraisals are based on decades of experience and our analysis of international auction results. They are subject to various criteria such as the price trend for the respective artist’s works and the development on the art market in general, along with the technique, motif, period of creation, size, provenance, and condition of the artwork in question.

To make our services conveniently accessible from your location, we have appointed local representatives in a number of German regions (Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hesse, Northern Germany, Rhineland/Ruhr, and Westphalia) as well as in Switzerland (Zurich), Italy, France, and the United States. They work closely with our main office in Berlin and stand ready to assist you, e.g. by having your artworks sent to Berlin as part of a collective shipment, thereby reducing the cost to you.


Your appraisal enquiry 

Arriving at the right estimate is the basis for successfully selling your artwork. There is a number of ways to obtain the advice of our experts: 

a. In writing
Please send us images of your artwork as well as data on its technique, date (year), and size (unframed):

  • via email in care of the respective specialists;
  • via fax: +49 3088241 45;
  • or by mailing a letter:
    Grisebach GmbH
    Fasanenstraße 25
    10719 Berlin

You will receive a non-binding estimate promptly. The more comprehensive and precise the information you provide on your artwork, the more accurate will be the value that we are able to determine.

b. In a personal meeting
We are happy to evaluate your artworks in person and to advise you.

If you own a collection that you would like to have appraised, our experts or representatives will be happy to call on you at home. In scheduling the appointment over the telephone, we will discuss relevant information in advance that will facilitate the appraisal.

c. Using the online form
Please feel free to use our online form for appraisal enquiries to send us all the relevant information and images. Within a few days, our experts will get in touch with you to provide you with a customized offer.

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Our Terms & Conditions of Consignments

We are happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding fine art – also outside our auctions.


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