Main Focus

Modern art at Grisebach encompasses a period of artistic creation that could hardly be more multifaceted. It begins with Impressionism and ranges over Expressionism, Dada, Bauhaus, Verismo, New Objectivity, and Surrealism all the way to post-war Modernism and Informalism. Grisebach has set the standard in these fields.

After our auction house was founded in 1986, we quickly established ourselves as the highest-revenue German auction house for modern art. The most expensive artwork ever sold at a German auction to date is Max Beckmann's mysterious “Ägypterin”, sold at Grisebach in Spring 2018 for 5.5m euros.

Sensational results were not limited to the works of prominent artists such as Max Liebermann, Lovis Corinth, Emil Nolde, Max Pechstein, Otto Mueller, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Karl Hofer or Lyonel Feininger (whose “Gelbe Gasse” went for 3.6m euros in the autumn of 2016). Supposed outsiders whose work has gained new appreciation at Grisebach have also reached new heights. For example, the Cologne Progressive Anton Räderscheidt’s 1921 painting “Haus Nr. 9,” an icon of New Objectivity, fetched EUR 865,000 at Grisebach in the fall of 2016.

Auctions and Consignments

Our next auctions will take place on 10th and 11th June 2021. We appraise your art – confidentially, non-binding, and free of charge. Please send us a reproduction of the artwork by either post or email, including details such as the medium, date, and size (unframed). You may also use the estimate request form. Please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone – we are always at your disposal.

Highlights from our Summer Auctions 2021

10th and 11th June 2021

Emil Nolde

“Sonnenblume”. 1928. Oil on panel. 73 × 88.4 cm. EUR 700,000–1,000,000

Carl Grossberg

Self portrait. 1928. Oil on wood. 70.1 × 60 cm. EUR 300,000–400,000

Max Liebermann

“Reiter in der Allee bei Sakrow”. 1924. Oil on canvas. 95.7 × 114.8 cm. EUR 500,000–700,000

Arthur Segal

"Selbstporträt“. 1921. Oil on canvas. 70 × 50 cm (with frame: 84.5 × 64.5 cm). EUR 150,000–200,000

Alexej von Jawlensky

”Sommertag in Ascona”. Circa 1918. Oil on linen structured paper, laid down on panel. 27 × 36.4 cm. EUR 200,000–300,000

Lovis Corinth

“Rote Rosen”. 1925. Oil on canvas. 60 × 45.5 cm. EUR 200,000–300,000

Emil Schumacher

Scala III. 1991. Mixed media on wood (with cord and foliage). EUR 120,000–150,000

Sander Collection

Heinrich Hoerle

“Vordermann”. 1932. Wax crayon on heavy paper. 42,5 x 35,5 cm. EUR 40,000–60,000.

Sneak Preview – Summer Auctions 2021

Carl Grossberg

Review – New Objectivity at Grisebach

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