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Bidding at an Auction

Here you will find step-by-step instructions on how to join the bidding for the art of your choice.

Register as a bidder

One-time registration as a bidder is required if you have never bid at one of our auctions before. For this purpose, please complete our online registration form or our first-time bidder registration form, which you can send back to us in any of several ways:

  • Via email: registration@grisebach.com
  • Via fax: +49 3088241 45
  • Or through the mail:
    Grisebach GmbH
    Fasanenstrasse 25
    10719 Berlin, Germany

Go to online registration form
Download first-time bidder registration form (PDF)


We will contact you promptly if we require any further information.  

If you have already registered with us a bidder, then a completed bidding form will suffice for purposes of bidding by telephone or in writing. Alternatively, you can have yourself registered in the auction room directly before the auction.

Download bidding form (PDF)


For more information on registration, please see our information for bidders.


Making a bid

Once you have registered successfully, you can tender bids either before or during the auction. This can be done in a number of ways:

a) In person on our premises
Starting one hour before the start of the auction, you can ask to be assigned a bidder number on our premises. Please being proof of your identity for this purpose (e.g. a personal ID document). If you have already registered as a bidder on our website, you can also reserve your bidder number online.


b) Through an authorized agent on our premises 
If an agent is to tender bids on behalf of a third party, he must be registered with Grisebach at least 24 hours before the start of the auction and a corresponding power of attorney must be presented. The grantor of the power of attorney must also be registered with us as a bidder.

c) Written bids 
You also have the option of taking part at an auction by submitting a maximum bid in writing. You can do this by way of our website once you have registered as a bidder. If you wish to participate in an auction by submitting a written maximum offer by letter or fax, please fill out the bidding form and send it back to us at least 24 hours before the auction:

  • Via email: gebot@grisebach.com
  • Via fax: +49 3088241 45
  • Or through the mail:
    Grisebach GmbH
    Fasanenstrasse 25
    10719 Berlin, Germany

Please understand that we do not accept free-form emails for this purpose.

Download bidding form (PDF)


d) Bidding by telephone  

Bidding by telephone is an added option for many of our auctions. Please use our bidding form for this purpose. Don’t forget to include the lot number of the artwork you are interested in as well as your telephone number. Please send the form back to us at least 24 hours before the start of the auction

We will call you once the works ranked a few lot numbers before your desired artwork come up in the queue. We will be happy to place your bids in the auction room on your behalf.

Download bidding form (PDF)

e) Live online bidding 
You can also participate in our auctions by bidding online:

  1. Please register for this purpose on the website of our service partner www.lot-tissimo.com. You must do this even if you have already set up a user name/password in order to login at grisebach.com, or if you have already bid at a Grisebach auction in the past. Data-protection regulations prohibit us from transferring your data automatically.

  2. Be sure to register with the lot-tissimo platform at least one day before the auction is held. Grisebach will verify your registration and assign you a bidder number.

  3. Before your lot is called, please log into www.lot-tissimo.com and call up the list of live auctions.

  4. Click on the “Register LIVE” button for the respective Grisebach auction.

Or would you rather just watch and listen?

If you just want to follow an auction online as a guest by watching and listening, then you don’t have to take any special steps. On the day of the auction, just click here for the list of live auctions at lot-tissimo.com. Click on the link for the respective auction catalogue in order to be connected to the live transmission. 


Please go to the next step for more details.

Information on payment and shipping

If you need assistance with tendering a bid or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:  

T +49 30 885 915 0