Sander Collection: Sneak Preview Summer Auctions 2021

The legendary Cologne photographer August Sander, who achieved worldwide fame with his opus “Citizens of the Twentieth Century”, played a central role in the Rhineland art scene of the 1920s.
Franz Wilhelm Seiwert, Heinrich Hoerle, Gerd Arntz and Otto Freundlich, amongst others, were all members of the “Cologne Progressives” who dedicated their artistic work to a classless society after the First World War. They were all friends of August Sander and had maintained a close artistic exchange.

The painting “Wandbild für einen Fotografen” from 1925 serves as an example for that lively discourse. This work is one of the icons of the group of progressive artists and will be sold at auction for the very first time.
We are delighted to be able to present further masterpieces from the Sander Collection soon.

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Heinrich Hoerle

"Selbstbildnis“. 1931. Oil on cardboard, laid down on canvas. 41 x 29 cm. EUR 60,000–80,000

Franz Wilhelm Seiwert

Wandbild für einen Fotografen. 1925. Oil on canvas. 109 x 154 cm. EUR 400,000-600,000 EUR

Franz Wilhelm Seiwert

"Ländliche Familie (Familie Jatho)“ („Die Landarbeiter“). 1923. Oil on cardboard on wood. 38.1 × 44.3 cm. EUR 100,000–150,000

Gottfried Brockmann

"Die Geste“. 1928. Tempera on cardboard. 26.7 × 20.9 cm. EUR 5,000–7,000

Franz Wilhelm Seiwert

"Stark abstrahierte Halbfigur“. 1920. Oil on cardboard. 25.7 × 19.5 cm. EUR 30,000–40,000

Heinrich Hoerle

“Vordermann“. 1932. Wax crayon on heavy paper. 42.5 x 35.5 cm. EUR 40,000–60,000